Performance and Uptime Monitoring FAQs

Below, you'll find a list of frequently asked questions about WP Umbrella's performance and uptime monitoring features. These questions cover various aspects of the features, including setup, monitoring locations, alerting options, and more.

Q1: How often is the Google PageSpeed Score refreshed?

A: WP Umbrella automatically refreshes your website's Google PageSpeed Score every 24 hours to help you assess your website's loading speed and optimize its performance. We check your GooglePageSpeed Score on desktop. 

Q2: How do I change the monitoring location or frequency for my website?

To change the monitoring location for your website, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WP Umbrella dashboard.
  2. Click on your website performance in the dashboard. You will be redirected to the monitoring overview.

    1. Under the "Settings" section, select the monitoring location (Europe, USA, Asia, or Australia) and the monitoring frequency (2-30 minutes) for your website.
    2. Click "Save Changes" to apply your settings.

Q3: Can I receive Slack notifications for downtime alerts?

A: Yes, WP Umbrella supports sending downtime alerts via Slack. To enable Slack notifications, follow these steps:

  1. By default, we only notify the email linked to your account. If you want to notify more people, click on the generic settings of your project and then on notifications.

  2. From here you can notify more people and set up a Slack webhook integration into your Slack team.
  3. Do not forget to click on save and you are good to go!

Q4: How do I add multiple recipients for performance or uptime alerts?

Yes definitely (cf supra)!

Q5: What key performance metrics does WP Umbrella monitor?

A: WP Umbrella tracks essential performance metrics that impact user experience and search engine rankings, such as Time to First Byte (TTFB), First Contentful Paint (FCP), Speed Index, and Time to Interactive (TTI). We also monitor web core vitals and Google PageSpeed Score.

Q6: How often is refreshed the Google PageSpeed?

We refresh your Google PageSpeed score every 24h. We retrieve the data directly from Google Lighthouse for the desktop version of your website.

Q7: Why the PageSpeed Score displayed in WP Umbrella is different than the one displayed on Google PageSpeed?

We are fetching the data from Google Lighthouse API, so the data provided in WP Umbrella is directly coming from Google. If you get different scores by performing the test several times it is most likely because server reply time, as it's not constant and might vary making your score to increase or decrease. You will find more information about this in this article : Why Your PageSpeed Insights Score Varies (And Isn’t 100) 

Q8: Can I set up alerts for specific performance metrics?

At the moment this is not possible, but this feature is definitely in our public roadmap.


We hope this FAQ has addressed your questions regarding WP Umbrella's performance and uptime monitoring features. If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team for help.

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