How to setup uptime monitors?

Downtime happens even to the best of us. But it’s important to know it before customers are affected and that's why uptime and performance monitoring is critical to every business.

WP Umbrella offers you the ability to monitor your WordPress websites from all over the world. If we notify a downtime, we will instantly alert you with an email or a slack notification.

Let's check how to make the most of this feature!

How to manage uptime monitoring.

A monitor is automatically created when you add a project. By default, your website is monitored from Europe.

To change the monitoring interval or the location. You need to click on the response time or Google Page Speed score in the dashboard. 

Then you need to click on Settings.

From here, you can:

  • Enable/disable the monitor (useful for maintenance operations);
  • Define a monitoring (ping) interval (we recommend you to monitor your website every 2-5 minutes);
  • Select the regions from where we should monitor your website

How to notify more people?

You can notify several users in case of downtime and/or use our Slack integration. To do so, click on ' Settings ' and then on ' Notifications '

From here, you can emails to notify and/or setup Slack alerts.

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