How To Access The Downtime / Incident History?

Being aware of your website's performance and uptime is crucial for maintaining a positive user experience. With WP Umbrella, not only can you monitor these aspects effortlessly, but you'll also be promptly alerted about any downtime.

What's more, you can conveniently access a comprehensive history of your downtime and associated status codes through our user-friendly application.

This feature helps you analyze and understand any disruptions, enabling you to take timely action to improve your website's performance and reliability. Sounds handy, doesn't it? 😊

Estimated Time of Completion: Less than 2 minutes

Prerequisites: A WP Umbrella account with a linked website.

Steps To Follow 🚀

Step 1: Access your downtime history from the dashboard.Simply log into your WP Umbrella dashboard and click on the response time or Google PageSpeed score.

Understanding the Downtime Information

In the right section of the page, you'll find detailed information about your website's downtime, including the associated status code and duration. This can help you understand what might have caused any disruptions and how long they lasted.

It's important to note that the duration of your downtime is directly linked to your monitoring frequency.


Keeping an eye on your website's uptime and performance has never been easier, thanks to WP Umbrella! Now you can effortlessly access a comprehensive history of your downtime, helping you understand and address any website disruptions. Well done! 🎉

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