How to Set Up Performance and Uptime Monitoring with WP Umbrella

Ready to monitor your website's performance and uptime? This guide will help you do just that with WP Umbrella, including Google PageSpeed Score monitoring. 😊

Estimated Time of Completion: 2 minute.

Prerequisites: Before we start, make sure you have the WP Umbrella plugin installed on your WordPress websites and you can access your WP Umbrella account.

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Add Your Website to WP Umbrella

If you haven't already, add your website to your WP Umbrella account. Follow the steps in our Getting Started Guide to add your website.

Step 2: Configure Performance and Uptime Monitoring Settings

  1. Log in to your WP Umbrella dashboard and click on your website's performance. This will redirect you to the monitoring overview. 🖥️

  2. Under the "Settings" section, select your preferred monitoring location (Europe, USA, Asia, or Australia) and the monitoring frequency (2-30 minutes) for your website.
  3. Click "Save Changes" to apply your settings.

Step 3: Set Up Notification Preferences

We want to make sure the right people get notified! By default, notifications will be sent to the email linked to your account. If you need to notify more people:

  1. Click on the generic settings of your project and then on notifications.

  2. Add more contacts for notifications and set up a Slack webhook integration into your Slack team, if desired.
  3. Don't forget to click on "Save" to apply these changes. 💌

Other Things to Know About Uptime & Performance Monitoring

When you create a project, your website is by default monitored every 30 minutes from Europe and we notify the email linked to the account in case of downtime. 😊


After following these steps, you'll have set up performance and uptime monitoring for your websites using WP Umbrella. This will help you identify areas for improvement, ensure high availability, and maintain a positive user experience. 👍

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