Notifying Multiple People by Email When Downtime Occurs with WP Umbrella

Unexpected website downtime can be a bummer. Thankfully, with WP Umbrella, you can keep your entire team informed and ready to act when a downtime incident occurs.

Our platform allows you to notify as many people as you want via email or our handy Slack integration whenever your website experiences downtime.

This means swift action can be taken to ensure your site is back online as soon as possible, minimizing disruption and maintaining a smooth user experience. Brilliant, right? 😊

Estimated Time of Completion: 2 minutes

Prerequisites: A WP Umbrella account with a linked website.

Configuring Your Alerts: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log In: Start by accessing your WP Umbrella account. Simply log in to reach the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Alerts: Click the “Alerting” tab in the top header to manage your alerts.

Default Alert: All accounts on WP Umbrella have an alert pre-configured. It includes all available alerts, sent to the email linked to your account. You are free to edit this alert anytime.

  1. Modify or Add Alerts: To change the existing alert, hit “Edit” on the right. Want more alerts? Click “Add new Alert” to set up additional ones.
  2. Customize Alert Details: In the alert settings, you can adjust various aspects like Alerting Name, Monitoring, Security, and Backup & Restoration Management.

  1. Set Up Notification Channels: Click “Next” to add email addresses for receiving alerts. You can also integrate a Slack webhook for notifications in your chosen Slack channel.

  1. Assign Alerts to Websites: Decide whether the alert applies to all your websites (select the first option) or just specific ones.


If you don't get your notifications, please check your adresse email and spam folder before contacting us! 😊


Ensuring your team stays informed about website uptime is crucial for quick response to downtime incidents. With WP Umbrella's notification feature, you can notify multiple people via email, helping everyone stay in the loop and ready to act. Well done! 🎉

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