Unblocking WP Umbrella from iTheme Security

Experiencing trouble with WP Umbrella being blocked by iTheme Security? Not to worry, dear user! We've got an easy fix for you. This guide will walk you through the process of whitelisting WP Umbrella's IP address on iTheme Security, ensuring uninterrupted communication between WP Umbrella and your WordPress sites. It's a breeze! 🌬️

Estimated Time of Completion: 5 minutes

Prerequisites: A WordPress site with iTheme Security and WP Umbrella set up.

Whitelisting an IP address allows it to bypass certain security features. In this case, you are permitting WP Umbrella to communicate with your WordPress site, which enhances your site's management and security.

Steps to Follow 🚀

Step 1: Navigate to iTheme Security Settings

Log into your WordPress admin. From here, navigate your way to the iThemes Security settings.

Step 2: Access the "Global Settings" tab

Click on the "Global Settings" tab and then scroll down until you reach the "Lockout White List" section.

Step 3: Whitelist WP Umbrella's IP Address

In the "Lockout White List" section, you'll find a field where you can enter the IP address you want to whitelist.

Step 4: Confirm your changes

Pop in WP Umbrella's IP addresses ( and 2001:41d0:306:1702::/64) in the field, then hit the "Add my current IP to Whitelist" button to secure it in the whitelist. Voila!


That's a wrap! You've successfully unblocked WP Umbrella from iTheme Security, ensuring smooth sailing ahead. Now WP Umbrella can continue to monitor and manage your WordPress sites effectively. Great work! 😊

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