How to Whitelist WP Umbrella's IP in WordFence

If you are using WordFence for your WordPress site's security, it can sometimes block WP Umbrella's operations. This quick guide will show you how to whitelist WP Umbrella's IP address in WordFence and ensure smooth operation.

Estimated Time of Completion: 5 minutes.

Prerequisites: Administrator access to your WordPress site, WordFence security plugin installed, Active WP Umbrella account.

Your Step-by-Step Guide 👣

Navigating to WordFence's Firewall Options 🚧

  1. Start by logging into your WordPress admin dashboard. You can usually find this at .
  2. In the left-hand menu, hover over WordFence and then click on Firewall .
  3. On the next screen, click on All Firewall Options . You will find this next to a gear icon.

Adding WP Umbrella's IP to the Whitelist 📝

  1. At the top of the next screen, you should see an option labeled Whitelisted IP addresses that bypass all rules . This is where you will enter the IP address for WP Umbrella.

  2. In the box, add WP Umbrella's IP addresses on a new line and then click Save Changes located in the top right corner.

Conclusion 🎉

That's it! You've successfully whitelisted WP Umbrella's IP address in WordFence. This will ensure WP Umbrella is not blocked by WordFence and can operate correctly.

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