How to Create a Manual Backup with WP Umbrella

Are you about to make significant updates to your site or just want to have a safety net before making changes?

Backups are your best friend in these situations. WP Umbrella provides an easy way to schedule automatic backups, but you can also create manual ones when needed. Manual backups are especially handy before making critical updates, like tweaking WooCommerce settings.

This safety measure ensures your website data is protected, providing you with peace of mind. 😊

Estimated Time of Completion: 2 minutes + the time to process the backup. This may vary based on the size of your website.

Prerequisites: Access to your WP Umbrella dashboard and having your websites connected.

Steps To Follow 🚀

Step 1: Log in to WP Umbrella's dashboard. Once there, navigate to the 'Backup' tab.

Step 2: Click on 'Content selector'. This allows you to define what content you want to include in your backup. Once you've made your selections, click 'Save'. By default, WP Umbrella excludes some files (like cached data) that are not typically needed in backups.

Step 3: Head back to 'Overview', and then click on 'Make a Manual Backup'. A new window will appear. Confirm your action by clicking on 'Make a Backup'.

Creating a manual backup can take a little time. But don't worry, WP Umbrella will send you a notification when your backup is ready! 🎉


If you're having issues creating a manual backup, consider checking this articles:

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  2. How to enable ZipArchive on your server

Other Things to Know

Manual backups are not incremental. This means that we make a full backup of your website folders and database. These backups ask more ressources than the automatic why and that's why we store them during 14 days.


Congratulations! You've now successfully created a manual backup of your website using WP Umbrella. This process ensures you've got a safety net in place before making significant changes or updates to your site. This way, you can work confidently, knowing your data is safe and secure. 🛡️

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