How to Setup Automatic Backups on Your WordPress Site with WP Umbrella

Website management comes with its challenges, one of which is ensuring your website's content is safe and restorable if a mishap occurs. Fortunately, WP Umbrella provides an easy way to set up automatic backups. Let's guide you through the process!

Estimated Time of Completion: 5 minutes

Prerequisites: A WordPress site with WP Umbrella installed.

Automatic backups are incremental. We keep them for 50 days on a Google Cloud storage unit in Belgium.

Steps to Forward 🚀

Step 1: Access WP Umbrella's Backup Tab

Log into your WP Umbrella dashboard. From here, navigate to the 'Backup' tab.

Step 2: Choose Your Backup Content

Up next, click on "Content Selector". This is where you can cherry-pick the specific content you'd like to include in your backup.

Note: By default, we exclude unnecessary files (like cache files) to optimize storage space and improve backup efficiency.

Make sure to hit "Save" after making your choices.

Step 3: Activate Automatic Backups

Now it's time to kickstart those automatic backups! Select your preferred backup frequency and timestamp. Then, hit "Save" to lock in your settings. 🕐

Restoring Your Website

All your automatic backups will show up in the 'Overview' section when they're ready. If the time comes when you need to turn back the clock on your website, simply pick the backup you want and click "Restore."



You've successfully set up automatic backups for your WordPress site using WP Umbrella. Your website data is now safe and recoverable, giving you peace of mind. Awesome job! 👏

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