How to Add a Client in WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella isn't just a monitoring and backup tool; it's also a functional CRM that can help you better manage your clients. By adding your clients directly to WP Umbrella, you can personalize template reports with variables making your interactions more meaningful and efficient. After all, a personalized touch can go a long way in fostering better relationships with your clients! 😊

Estimated Time of Completion: 2 minutes

Prerequisites: Access to your WP Umbrella dashboard.

Steps to Follow 🚀

Step 1: From your WP Umbrella dashboard, head over to the 'Client Management' area and click on 'Add Client'.

Step 2: You'll be directed to a form where you can fill out the necessary information about your client. Take the time to fill out this information accurately, then click 'Save'.

Step 3: Now it's time to link your client to their respective websites. You can assign one or multiple websites to each client, depending on your needs.

And voila! You've successfully added a client to WP Umbrella. Now you can personalize your reports with client data using the use of variables.

Other Things to Know

This feature is a minimum viable product. It has been released to allow people to use variables in the report. We have big plans for this feature in 2024!


Great job! 😊 You've added a client to WP Umbrella and are ready to provide them with more personalized service. This feature allows you to streamline your reporting process and enhance client communication.

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