How to Restore Your Website with WP Umbrella Using SFTP/FTPS on O2Switch

WP Umbrella provides the functionality to restore your website using WordPress REST API or SFTP/FTPS. Using SFTP/FTPS increases the chances of successful restoration and becomes essential if your website is down. This tutorial guides you through the process of restoring your website hosted on O2Switch using SFTP/FTPS.

Estimated Time of Completion: 5-10 minutes.

Prerequisites: Website hosted on O2Switch, Active WP Umbrella account, FTP credentials of your O2Switch hosting.

Steps to Follow 👣

Authorizing WP Umbrella's IP Address

  1. Authorize our IP Address:

You can whitelist our IP address using the SSH Authorization tool in O2Switch cPanel located in the tools section.

Providing FTP Credentials to WP Umbrella

  1. Use the main FTP account of the server, not a secondary account - O2Switch does not allow secure connections for secondary FTP accounts. Hence, you need to enter your main FTP account credentials (host, user, password, port) on WP Umbrella. Please note that this information is fully encrypted for your security.

Conclusion 🎉

Congratulations! You've now set up your O2Switch hosting to allow WP Umbrella to restore your website using SFTP/FTPS. This process significantly increases the success of your website's restoration process and is especially useful if your website goes down.

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