How to customize the sending domain

By default, maintenance reports are send to your clients from

You can customize this to send the reports with your own domain. You will need to add certain records to your DNS provider to allow us to send emails using your domain. 

Add a sending domain

A Sending Domain defines who and where your emails are from. By default, the sending domain for maintenance report is 

To add a sending domain go to WP Umbrella's Account Settings >> White label >> Custom Sending Domain.

From here, you will need to Authenticate your domain to allow WP Umbrella to sign and send email messages.

It is imperative to check DKIM Record, SPF Record and other DNS so that you can use your domain on WP Umbrella. MX records are recommended but not required.

To set up basic authentication you’ll need to add some DNS records at your DNS hosting provider for any domain you wish to send from using your WP Umbrella account:

  • MX Records: Two MX records are necessary for delivering email to your domain. MX (Mail Exchange) records identify which mail servers accept incoming email for your domain.
  • SPF Record: One TXT record that allows WP Umbrella to sign emails sent on your behalf. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records identify which IP addresses are allowed to send email using your domain.
  • DKIM Record: One TXT record that allows WP Umbrella to sign emails sent on your behalf. DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) signatures ensure that the message that arrives at the inbox provider is identical to the message that you sent.

Here are some documentation on how to edit your DNS based on your provider:

After you have added these records at your DNS host and they have had time to propagate, you will need to come back to the custom sending page and click the Verify domain button. We will verify that the records are in place and you’ll see the results of our check.

Once added, you select your custom sending domain from your Account >> White Label >> Maintenance Report.

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