Getting Started With Maintenance Reports

Sending automatic maintenance report to your clients is the best way to prove the great value of your work. 

In this article, I'll explain you how to generate and send automatically beautiful maintenance report to your clients.

Let's get started.

Step 1 : Click on your project name in WP Umbrella's dashboard

Step 2 : Click on the tab Report

Step 3 : Define the general settings of your report

Report Title : the title will appear on the front page of your report.
Language: at the moment, reports are available in English, French and German. Feel free to send us a message if your language is missing.
Email To: we will send the report to this email.
Email subject: Define the subject of the email that carries the report.
Email Body: Define the content of the email that will carry the report.

Step 4: Manage your branding

You can customize the report with your branding by clicking on manage your branding.

This is a general settings. Your branding will automatically apply on all your report. Click on save and continue.

Step 5 : Choose what sections to include in the report

WP Umbrella's maintenance report are fully customizable. You can select what sections to include in the report and in which order to display them.

You can also personalize welcome / closing message and any custom work that you have performed. 

The data of each sections will be automatically added based on your usage of WP Umbrella. 

Preview the report and click on "Save & Continue".

Step 6 : Schedule & send your report

From this tab, you can define at which frequency maintenance report will be sent to your clients (monthly / Quarterly). 

Then, you have to define the start date of the automation. 

You can send yourself a test email to make sure that everything is in order. 

Step 7 : Click on "Save and Finish" or " Save & Schedule " 

If you click on save and finish, we will send your settings, but not send the report. You will be able to activate automation at any moment or send manual report.

If you click on save and schedule, you will activate automation and a reports we will start to send reports automatically to your clients at the frequency that you have defined. 

You can stop the automation at any moment.

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