How to Bulk Optimize WordPress Databases With WP Umbrella

The Multi-Site Database Optimization Tool is designed to streamline and simplify the maintenance of WordPress databases across multiple sites. This tool allows you to clean up and optimize your databases directly from a single dashboard. It provides an efficient way to manage post revisions, spam comments, trashed comments, transients, and overhead of database tables.


  • WP Umbrella 2.13.2 or higher.
  • A complete backup of your WordPress databases (always a good idea).

Why Optimize Your Database?

  • Efficiency: Cleaning your database boosts performance by removing outdated data and reducing bloat.
  • Improved Loading Times: Get rid of excess old information to speed up your site.
  • Database Health: Maintain essential content like themes, plugins, comments, posts, and revisions efficiently.
  • Reduced Space, Lower Costs: Decrease the necessary storage space and, consequently, your hosting costs.

What Can You Optimize in 1-Click?

  • Post Cleanup: Remove auto-drafts and trashed posts.
  • Revision Cleanup: Remove any revision.
  • Comments Cleanup: Clear out spam and trashed comments.
  • Transients Cleanup: Efficiently handle temporary options.
  • Database Cleanup: Optimize your database tables for smooth performance.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Bulk Management: Oversee all your WordPress sites.
  2. Choose Your Sites: Select the sites you wish to optimize.

  1. Select and Clean: Pick your desired cleanup actions and click the corresponding button.

I've just cleaned everything, but I still have transients. What is happening?

Some plugins need transients to function properly. When these transients are deleted, such plugins automatically recreate them.

Best Practices

  • Regular Backups: Always back up your database before any optimization.
  • Consider What to Clean: Be cautious with post revisions and drafts.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly clean spam and trashed comments.
  • Monitor your database size: smaller databases typically perform better.


In summary, the Multi-Site Database Optimization Tool is a powerful ally in your quest for efficient, streamlined WordPress site management. By understanding the importance of regular database maintenance, adhering to best practices, and utilizing the tool's robust features, you're well-equipped to enhance the performance and health of your WordPress databases. Remember, a clean and optimized database is not just about immediate improvements; it's an investment in the long-term vitality and speed of your websites. Embrace these practices and enjoy a smoother, faster, and more reliable online presence.

Happy optimizing!

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