How to Add Notes to Your Projects in WP Umbrella

Are you ready to simplify your project management with WP Umbrella? We've introduced a sparkling new feature – adding notes to your projects to do just that!

Let's dive in and discover how this feature works.


  • A WP Umbrella account.
  • A project or website added to your WP Umbrella Dashboard.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Notes:

1. Access the WP Umbrella Dashboard: Log into your WP Umbrella account.

2. Select Your Project: Click on the project or website you want to annotate.

3. Initiate Note-Adding: Spot and click the gleaming "Add Note" button in the top header. 🆕

4. Type Your Note: A friendly pop-up will appear. Here's where you jot down your thoughts or details for the project.

5. Save Your Note: Once you're done, hit save, and your note will be added with a timestamp! ⏰

Viewing Your Notes:

To see how many notes you've accumulated, simply look at the main project page. A count of your notes will be displayed, keeping everything organized and accessible. 📊

Editing and Deleting Notes:

Changed your mind? 🤔 You can easily edit or delete any note. Just go to the note you wish to alter and choose your action – edit or delete. It's that simple!

Other Things to Know About This Feature:

  • Unlimited Notes: Write as many notes as you need – there's no limit! 🚀
  • Timestamps for Reference: Every note is timestamped for easy tracking and reference. 🕒
  • Enhanced Project Management: This feature is designed to make your website management smoother and more efficient. 🌐
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