Elevate Your WordPress Security Game with WP Umbrella's Security Monitoring Feature

Tired of complicated tech jargon to keep your WordPress site safe? No worries, WP Umbrella has got you covered with two key pillars: Vulnerability Monitoring and Security Hardening.

Estimated Time of Completion: 2 minutes.

Prerequisites: Before we start, make sure you have the WP Umbrella plugin installed on your WordPress websites and you can access your WP Umbrella account.

The Two Pillars of WP Umbrella's Security Monitoring 🛡️

Meet the dynamic duo that makes it all happen: Vulnerability Monitoring and Security Hardening.

Pillar 1: Vulnerability Monitoring

Say hello to your Security Dashboard, the hub for spotting vulnerabilities and taking action.

Types of Vulnerabilities You Can Spot 🔍

  • Plugin Vulnerabilities: Identify risky plugins and update them.
  • Theme Vulnerabilities: Identify vulnerable themes and update them.
  • WordPress Core Vulnerabilities: Receive alerts for vulnerabilities in WordPress itself.

We’ve developed this feature with our partner Patchstack, aiming to bring you peace of mind with just a click.

Pillar 2: Security Hardening

WP Umbrella security monitoring feature is not only about vulnerability monitoring. You can also get actionable suggestions to boost your website's defense game. We also monitor:

  • SSL Certificate: Keep your site's SSL up-to-date, without the fuss.
  • WordPress Version: We'll flag you down if you’re running an old version.
  • PHP Version: Get a nudge if it’s time to update your PHP.
  • Inactive Plugins and Themes: We'll call out any plugins or themes that are just sitting there, doing nothing.
  • WP_DEBUG status - You'll see the status of the WP_DEBUG and if it is enabled or disabled (false or true)

Getting Started

Step 1: Access the Security Tab

  1. Log in to your WP Umbrella Dashboard.
  2. Next to each WordPress site, you'll see a "Risks" label. Click it to dive deep into the world of security!

Step 2: Check your high priority threats

You'll now be on the Security tab. This is like mission control for keeping your website safe! Here, you'll see all the current vulnerabilities on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Security with WP Umbrella

Can I manually scan my WordPress website for any new security risks?

Absolutely! Just hit the "Scan your website" button.

How frequently are my websites scanned?

We automatically scan every 6 hours, 4 times a day.

Is this feature included in my plan?

Yep! All features are included in the monthly pricing.

Ready to Step Up Your Security Game?

Log in to WP Umbrella and make the most of our two key pillars—Vulnerability Monitoring and Security Hardening. Your website will thank you!

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