How to update plugins from WP Umbrella's application

If you are managing several WordPress sites, updating your plugins directly in WP Umbrella's application will save you a lot of time.

In this article, i'll explain you how to safely update plugins from WP Umbrella's application.

Nota bene: We have developed a technology to make update safe. If an issue happens during the update, we automatically rollback the previous version. Read more information about WP Umbrella Safe Update.

How to know if your plugins are up to date?

Go to WP Umbrella's application. From here, you will see all the websites that are using out dated plugins. 

Safely updating plugins from WP Umbrella's application

From here, you can update your plugin one by one by clicking on "Safe Update" or you can select all you plugin and bulk update them.

Then click on apply and wait. You will get a notice on the top right corner when the update is done. 

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