Where Can I find my API Key on WP Umbrella?

When setting up WP Umbrella for your WordPress website, you'll need to access your API key. This is a unique identifier that WP Umbrella uses to authenticate requests associated with your account. This guide will take you through the process of locating and copying your API key within WP Umbrella.

Estimated Time of Completion: less than a minute.

Prerequisites: An active WP Umbrella account

Steps to Follow 🚀

Accessing Your WP Umbrella Application 🎯

The first step in finding your API key is to navigate to the WP Umbrella application. This can be accessed here.

Locating and Copying Your API Key 💻

Once you've opened the WP Umbrella application, your API key can be found in the header. You can copy your API key by simply clicking on it. It will be automatically copied to your clipboard, ready for you to paste it into your WordPress admin.

If clicking to copy doesn't work for any reason, you can also find your API key at the bottom of your Profile page.

Conclusion 🎉

And that's it! You've now located and copied your API key, ready to authenticate WP Umbrella with your WordPress website. If you run into any difficulties or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the WP Umbrella support team.

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