How to Disable Automatic Sending of Maintenance Reports in WP Umbrella

Need to pause the automatic dispatch of your maintenance reports in WP Umbrella? Not to worry, we've got you covered! This guide will walk you through the simple process of disabling the automatic report sending feature in WP Umbrella. Ready? Let's roll! 🚀

Estimated Time of Completion: 2 minutes

Steps to Follow 🚀

Step 1: Navigate to the "Schedule" Tab

To get started, click on the Report link, choose your preferred template, and then head over to the "Schedule" tab located in the left-hand menu of WP Umbrella.

Step 2: Change Frequency to "Manual"

The final step is to change the frequency setting to "Manual". Don't forget to click "Save" to confirm your changes. Voila! 🎉

Other Things to Know

By switching the frequency to "Manual", you've successfully deactivated the automatic sending of maintenance reports. This means your maintenance reports will no longer be automatically sent out. If you wish to resume automatic report dispatch in the future, simply revert the frequency setting to your preferred option (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly) and click "Save".


You've successfully learned how to disable the automatic sending of maintenance reports in WP Umbrella. Now you have the control to decide when your maintenance reports go out.

Good job! 👍

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