How To Create A Client Report

Strengthen your relationship with your clients by sending them professional client reports about what you have been doing. The client report is a perfect way to build trust with your clients and show them the good maintenance work you did.

The data available in WP Umbrella's client report

There are data that we automatically add in the client report such as:

  • Uptime rate.
  • Average performance.
  • Number of theme and plugins updated (at glance and with the details).
  • The timeframe (ex: 01 August 2021 - 31 August 2021) .

And there are the data that you can customize such as:

  • Your company information - this will appear on all your report.
  • The language of the report (English and French are available at the moment but shoot us a message if you want us to add your language).
  • A texte area so you can leave a customized message to your client.
  • The possibility to white label the report.
  • The possibility to certify your data with WP Umbrella

Why certify the data with WP Umbrella?

Having your data certified by a third party application might improve the trust between your client and you. 

How To Create A Client Report

Step 1: go to WP Umbrella's application and select the project for which you want to create a client report by clicking on its name.

Step 2: Click on " Report " then on " Settings " and add your company details and click on Update Setting.

Step 3 : Then, click on Generate a client report. Then add a custom message to your client if you want to (optional) and select a date range. 

You will be automatically redirected to the report overview page where you can access your report in .PDF by clicking on the date range of the report.

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